Television Review: The Last Enemy

Sherlock and Rumpelstiltskin TOGETHER?!  Oh snap, hold my instant cues, I so got this!

This was a surprisingly good miniseries by our good friends across the pond at the BBC with a pre-Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch (complete with an episode that explains where he got the Homeless Network from) who gets swept up in a George Orwellian government conspiracy and a menage je triangle with his brother and his brother’s widow who he ends up stalking which in turn leads him to be stalked by Rumpelstiltskin. All in all, lots of stalking.…okay+%2528john%2529.gif

At first it’s very strange yet after the initial episodes, I became more and more used to it and eventually found it normal. I just hope that this doesn’t verve my thinking to the point where if BC ever comes up and says, “I’ve been cyper-stalking you” I would find it enduring instead of creepy as sh*t.

BC was very good as an understated, dorka, wet sandwich who is adorably clueless, yet means well even when he makes the most bizarre mishaps concerning his love and/or stalking of his lady, who is also his brother’s lady.

Also, our deary douchey Rumple was so BAMF in this series that he made for a lot of clever twists and turns in the narrative as well as blowing something up and walking away without looking back.  Rawr.

(FYI, if Lacey saw this, her ovaries would’ve exploded.  Just sayin’)

The only complaints that I have range from not quite perfect writing (see the “cyper-stalking” line), really imperfect directing which I have a strong feeling would be a LOT better if this were filmed today, and the really weird bits where it sounds like characters are pausing whenever they speak until I realized that they were having their swearing bleeped out. That’s all good, I guess, except in one scene where Rumple managed to let one big swear word out that made me go, “OMG< what was the point, you guys?!”

But whatever, I still really dug the hell out of this little romp of conspiracy, yet I’m also glad that it came to an abrupt end to keep the mystery alive, well, and swimming inside of our brains. Jolly good, BBC!

Ps. The hawt dudes keep piling up in this series as Matthew Goode is also the narrator of each episode, so you’re welcome for that.

Pss. If Rumple asks you to take a walk with him…..DON’T!!!  I’ll give you a small hint as to why.

Television Review: The Leftovers Season One

If a whole bunch of shows were x1000 better, they would be this one.
Wow, I freaking love this show! It’s so strange how in the aftermath of Game of Thrones’ season ending in craziness and True Blood’s final season beginning, The Leftovers just kind of got onto my radar, hit me, and never let me go.
After a year of craptacular films concerning faith trying to pit Theists and Atheists against each other with lack-luster arguments and results, this show represents everyone at their best and at their worst. Not everyone has faith, but not everyone doesn’t either. People are not saints, yet they aren’t purely evil. Sometimes people care and sometimes they don’t. Nothing is black and white and people are unpredictable as hell. All of these elements are present within all of the characters’ stories and while they disagree and are disrespectful of each other, I feel that the show itself is not.
This rapture-like event has changed the world drastically, yet not really. People are grieving for loved ones who never died, but are simply gone so what are they supposed to do? Should life just go on or should they carry the memory of this event like a cross from now on? Strange things happen, yet I don’t feel beat over the head with it’s weirdness like Lost had. It focuses less on concrete answers and more on all of the broken characters trying to cope with their messed up lives in a manner that’s more interesting than True Detective. The show seems to know when to be loud and crazy and it knows when to shut the hell up and use silence that strikes at the heart just as effectively.
All in all, this show is awesome and I highly recommend it. I cannot wait until next season!

Ps. The cast is brilliant including Amy Brenneman (Private Practice made me forget how great of an actress she is), Justin Theroux (who we get to see Dem Abs) and the Ninth Doctor (who we got to see Dat Ass). All around wonderful.

Pss. Here is The Leftovers beautiful piano theme which hit me where I live at every crazy turn.