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YES! Finally the Nostalgia Critic looks at one of my favorite movies and actually likes it too!

Ps. Yes, I caught all of these, because I’ve seen it THAT many times. Aaron A. Aaronson, lol.

Pss. Sanford is mentioned in 28 Weeks Later and it makes me laugh every time.

Movie Review: Spring Breakers

Wow, I never thought I would ever find another person who can play Everytime by Britney Spears on the piano, let alone it being a person named Alien.


Okay, so everyone I know who has seen this movie are divided on it. Some put it at the top of their Best of 2013 list while others consider it to be the worst movie they’ve ever seen. This has made me so curious that I put my Harmony Korine ban on hold so I could settle this debacle once and for all and I have come to the conclusion…….that it’s really not that bad.


I know right?  I can’t believe it either!  Really, I’m not down with the spring break culture.  The moment I hear about it I tune out, because it is just nothing but stupid people with an overabundance of alcohol, drugs, and…….


Okay, okay, last OUAT gif, we’re talking about Spring Breakers here.  

The first thing that struck me from this film was that I felt very immersed into that familiar mindset of an immature young person who selfishly and obsessively thinks over and over “I have to get out of here, I have to get out of here, spring break, spring break, spring break” until you’re about to burst.


And then when the stupid mistakes that these people make get too real, they freak out and go home home with their tail between their legs.  


Everything from the obnoxious acting, the eyeball-burning neon colors, the scene transitions with gun loading and firing sound effects gives this feeling a sense of a ticking time bomb about to go off. I also love how the main characters have a reoccurring antithesis of being childish (wearing Hello Kitty, singing Britney Spears, watching My Little Pony) and adult (sex, drugs, and shooting people); it was sort of frightening and fascinating at the same time.


Okay, that’s just weird.  

James Franco was awesome and strangely enough, even though he was a wannabe rapper, gun-toting, nimrod……


……he was actually quite sensitive expressing strangely genuine concern for the girls as well as his reminiscing over his best friend and how much his betrayal hurt him.  


However, the main chicks who had previously starred in High School Musical and Wizards of Whatnot (never actually watched those, sorry) were the dangerous ones.  


Okay, ladies, you’re scaring me and I’m outing.  

I absolutely loved the first act, I’d give that full five stars……


Put that celebratory bong down, because I’m not.  Unfortunately once we got away from the spring break stuff and dove straight into a third-act drug war that sort of came out of nowhere and most of the cast had left the film by that point, Spring Breakers had kind of lost its mojo for me.


Hey, don’t blame me, I didn’t write your movie.  Even after all of that, dayum, I’m still totally impressed with the film and I am glad that Korine has gotten away from his shtick of making us watch horrible people like a Freak Show and actually invests us into their mindsets and lets us enjoy the craziness instead of lose faith in humanity……well too much anyway. 


Ps. Dude, this movie is JUST like Trainspotting. Think about it: Rip-roaring beginning where we meet skeezy people who rebel against society with drugs and sex, start to face consequences in the second act, we start to lose main cast members, one crazy person comes out of nowhere and makes everyone partake in a big drug deal/war, a big violent scene happens, remaining cast members walk off into oblivion, the end, all wrapped up in quirky shots and amazing soundtrack. And apparently the filmmakers knew this too because its trailer was on my Spring Breakers dvd.



Spring Breakers: